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Banknote Paper

Which paper is used for making currency notes

Currency notes aren’t typically made from regular paper. Instead, they are often manufactured from cotton paper or polymer. This specialized material not only provides durability but also incorporates vital security features.

Banknote Paper

How to Choose the Best Banknote Paper Supplier

Choosing the right banknote paper supplier is a pivotal step in the currency production process.

It ensures security features are up to global standards.
Guarantees durability of the banknotes, maximizing their lifecycle.
Contributes to public confidence in a nation’s currency.
Drives cost efficiencies in the long run.

banknote paper
Banknote Paper

From China to the World: Why Trust GENUINE as Your Banknote Supplier?

Security papers, such as those used for banknotes, are paramount in preserving trust in a nation’s economy. With the increasing sophistication of counterfeit attempts, only businesses that have consistently demonstrated reliability, technological advancement, and stringent quality checks are entrusted with such a monumental task. Enter GENUINE – your trustworthy banknote supplier right from the heart of China.

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