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Security paper

Why Should You Care About Security Thread Paper?

Security thread paper is commonly used in banknotes, legal documents, and academic certificates, among other important documents.

bank special paper
Security paper

How Does One Make Security Thread Paper?

Security thread paper is an integral part of the global fight against counterfeiting and fraud. Its production involves the careful integration of a thin thread into the paper during the manufacturing process. This security feature, often visible as a dark line when viewed against light, can contain micro-printing, color-shifting properties, and UV responsiveness, making it near impossible to replicate accurately.

Security Thread Paper
Security paper

Why Making Security Thread Paper Matters?

Security thread paper is a hallmark of authenticity in our modern world. It’s a thin embedded strip running from top to bottom on various documents, especially currencies, ensuring they remain counterfeit-proof. This little feature, often unnoticed, plays a massive role in anti-counterfeiting measures across the globe.

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