1. Instruction: It will change color when viewed at different angles,  in an attempt to deter counterfeiters, used on many major modern banknotes.
2. printing method: only screen printing is acceptable
3. dry method: nature dry(air dry)
4. screen mesh required: 100-150 mesh is better
5. colors for options: green to purple, purple to green, purple red to green, green to blue, gold to green…

  • Custom digital printing Roll Label Stickers/Anti-Counterfeiting Hologram Sticker


  • hot stamping label
    hot stamping label

    Custom laser holographic anti-counterfeit positioning stamping film labels


  • VOID labels
    VOID labels

    Custom printing VOID label tearing off the leave text anti-counterfeit labels


  • QR code sticker

    Custom QR code decorative logo sticker sheets printing


  • logo sticker
    logo sticker

    Glossy Vinyl Adhesive Label Gold Foil Customized Logo Stickers


  • High Quality hologram sticker customized decorative logo stickers private packaging label


  • Scrape off sticker
    Holographic labels

    Holographic labels custom printing scratch off label sticker


  • Holographic Sticker Roll Custom Shiny Waterproof hologram pharmaceutical Label


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