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Custom-made Security Solutions for a Secure World

Leading B2B Manufacturer in China

security paper, holographic overlay, holographic label, security line


GENUINE is a trusted B2B manufacturer based in China, specializing in custom-made security paper, security labels, and holographic security film. With a dedicated team of 45 experts, our factory is committed to delivering excellence in quality.

Our Products

Explore our diverse range of security solutions, including security paper, security labels, and holographic security film. Each product is tailored to meet your specific security needs, ensuring the utmost protection for your assets.

security paper, holographic overlay, holographic label, security line

Security Thread:
"Woven Safety: The Thread That Shields."

Holographic Stickers:
"Shine in Authenticity: More Than Just a Sticker."

Security Paper:
"Guarded by Design: Paper that Speaks Trust."

Holographic Overlay Film:
"Reflect True Validity: When Authenticity Meets Aesthetics."

Security Paper

“Are you tired of counterfeit threats jeopardizing your brand’s reputation? Step into a future where every document stands strong against forgery. With our Guarded by Design: Paper that Speaks Trust, you’re not just investing in paper; you’re choosing a legacy of authenticity. Protect your business and maintain your integrity with the gold standard of secure papers.”

Holographic Overlay Film

“Fakes diluting your brand’s value? Pledge allegiance to protection with our Reflect True Validity: When Authenticity Meets Aesthetics. This overlay film isn’t just a protective layer; it’s a shimmering testament to your commitment to quality. Elevate your brand’s image while safeguarding its essence.”

Hologram Stickers

“Counterfeit products hurting your brand image? Make a statement with Shine in Authenticity: More Than Just a Sticker. Every gleam vouches for genuine quality, offering a radiant badge of authenticity to your products. Stand out, ensure trust, and watch your brand equity soar.”

Security Thread

“Security breaches, fake notes, lost trust? Dive deep into the fabric of protection with Woven Safety: The Thread That Shields. Seamlessly integrating into your valuable documents and currency, our thread is the invisible guardian, ensuring every piece remains uncompromised.”

Our Strengths

At GENUINE, we take pride in providing unmatched product quality that exceeds industry standards. Our competitive pricing ensures cost-effectiveness without compromising security. We also offer prompt online service to meet your requirements efficiently.

Security Paper Printing Factory

Our International Presence

GENUINE serves a global clientele, spanning the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Spain, India, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, United States, France, Italy And More. Our clients range from buyers and national government agencies to schools, all seeking high-grade security solutions.


Client Spotlight - Meet Kevin

Kevin, from Saudi Arabia, is one of our valued clients. He runs a 200-employee business aiding the government in procurement from China. For Kevin, product quality is paramount. He chooses suppliers through Alibaba and Google, and values prompt communication and exceptional after-sales service.

Why Choose Us

  • Unmatched Product Quality: Our security solutions are meticulously crafted to ensure the highest level of protection.
  • Competitive Pricing: We offer cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.
  • Prompt Online Service: Our dedicated team is always available to address your inquiries and provide assistance.

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