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Searching for Security Papers Worth Their Weight in Gold?

Welcome to GENUINE, where quality meets reliability, nestled right in the heart of China. But let’s talk about you first. You’re here because you understand the essence of world-class security solutions, aren’t you?

Deciphering Printing Technologies: What's Best for Your Needs?

At GENUINE, our hallmark isn’t just premium security paper—it’s our ability to craft solutions that whisper safety and shout confidence. Dive into the world of our avant-garde security products:

Watermark Paper - The Unsung Hero in Document Security!

watermark paper

Imagine the Mona Lisa hidden beneath the layers of a canvas—our watermark paper works similarly. Your crucial documents deserve stealthy protection without compromising on aesthetic. It’s sophisticated, understated, and screams reliability.

UV Fiber Paper - The Silent Guardian!

uv fiber paper

Why rely on the visible when the invisible can do wonders? Our UV fiber paper comes embedded with fibers that only reveal themselves under UV light. Stealthy, yet so powerful in maintaining the sanctity of your documents.

Cotton and Linen Paper - The Classic Protector!

Cotton Paper

Cotton and linen aren’t just for clothing. Their fine weave gives an unmistakable texture and sturdiness to our paper that spells class and ensures durability. Blended in perfect harmony, they offer not just security, but an elite feel to your documents.

Security thread paper - The Embedded Guardian!

Security thread paper

Imagine having an ally embedded within. Our Security thread paper has a metallic thread running through it, making counterfeiting nearly impossible. It’s not just paper, it’s your silent protector.

Coupons (Tickets) - Beyond Just a Piece of Paper!

greeting card

When it comes to tickets or coupons, the last thing you want is duplication. We understand this, and hence, we recommend the latest in anti-counterfeiting printing tech: 3D holographic microtext. It’s detailed, nearly impossible to replicate, and adds that futuristic edge to your tickets!

Certificates - Seal the Authenticity!


For certificates, where honor and authenticity matter, we employ microprinting. This involves printing minute details that appear as a solid line to the naked eye but reveal intricate patterns upon magnification. Duplicate this? We’d like to see them try!

Passports-The Epitome Of Security!


Passports: Digital watermarks, RFID chips, and holographic overlays are the future (and the present, for that matter) of passport security. With GENUINE’s expertise, journey through borders with confidence, knowing your passport is armed with the latest anti-counterfeiting tech.

Commemorative Banknote-Celebrate Memories Safely!

commemorative banknote

Commemorative banknotes are keepsakes, and at GENUINE, we treat them as such. With technologies like guilloche printing and variable data printing, we immortalize memories while keeping forgery at bay.

Why Choose Our Security Paper?

We get it. Your pursuit isn’t just about a piece of paper; it’s about trust, quality, and unparalleled security features. Whether it’s watermark paper, certificate paper, securities paper, or banknote paper, each sheet embodies our brand’s integrity.


Our Services & Features

Rich customization types

Security paper can be flexibly customized according to specific requirements, including watermarks, security threads, UV fibers, anti-counterfeiting inks, logos and other personalized elements.

Strong production capacity

The printing process is very simple, we can design new products for customers within 1 day.

Mass production

We can arrange mass production of products within two weeks.

Top Quality and Price

We are equipped with the most advanced equipment and the best raw materials. We ensure high standards in all our products.

Fast shipping

We know that you need the bits as quickly as possible so we always make sure to deliver on time.

Reply within 6 hours

Once you leave the message, our team will usually reply you within 6 business hours.

Communication: The Key to Genuine Partnerships

Forget communication gaps. Your concerns are ours too. We champion seamless interactions, ensuring your every query is met with the utmost clarity. Real-time online support? Check. A team that understands you? Double-check.

How do we grow your business?

  • We provide free design services to design satisfactory results for you.
  • We have 5 production lines and advanced equipment to ensure any of your customized needs are met.
  • Adequate backup resources ensure that we can meet your production needs on time.
  • To ensure the high quality of your products, we are equipped with automatic product testing equipment and manual re-inspection

Free Design Services

Designed by engineers with more than 10+ years of experiences to ensure professionalism.

Just tell us your brief ideas, and we can turn it into the design drawings with details you want.

Helped our clients solve thousands of custom design problems already means our design solutions can save you a lot of time.

Where Quality Meets Affordability?

Our secret sauce? A blend of unbeatable pricing, unmatched quality, and a splash of dedication from our 200 professionals. Every piece crafted in our factory whispers the tale of our commitment.

Packing and shipping

Large Manufacturing Scale and Delivery Time Shortening

We have large production capacity and case experience. So we can shorten the delivery
days by over 50% compared with other suppliers.


Successful projects


Professional anti-counterfeiting manufacturing

The largest project amount


patent certificate


Core Security Technology

Think Global. Trust Local.

Our footprint? Globally admired, yet deeply rooted in China. From the UAE to Spain, from Saudi Arabia to the USA; our reputation precedes us. Clients such as Kevin, a business magnate from Saudi Arabia, would vouch for our commitment. But don’t just take our word for it, ask Amit Bisht!


”GENUINE helped us solve many problems in the customization process, and I have to say that their engineers are very experienced and always stand on my side to help me save costs in the most suitable way, if you are looking for anti-counterfeit printing solution, I can’t think of any reason not to work with them. ”

Amit Bisht
Buyer from one of our clients.

Trade assurance

100% Refund oftrade assurance amount ♦
Maintain the time and quality of arrival ♦
Keep your transaction more safe ♦

Trade assurance

Ready to Dive into the GENUINE Experience?

Your search ends here. Reach out now and experience the best of both worlds – impeccable products with stellar after-sales service. Because at GENUINE, it’s not just business, it’s a bond.

Dive deep into our bespoke security solutions. Send us an inquiry today and join our family of satisfied clients.

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